Graphic Designs


Logo and branding projects of various sizes. 


2017- Branding and logo design for the Lumax dakkapellen company in Enschede, the Netherlands.


Bahador fatemi works as a vrijwilliger in PR & Communication department of the M-pact office in Enschede. 

The flyer designs have been made based on the chosen pictures for the M-pact, the gemeente and Volksuniversiteit in the city of Enschede, the Netherlands.

Enschede city hall

A short video was made and a city billboard was designed based on the assignment from the city hall of Enschede, for the volunteer national day in the Netherlands.



For a shop where the love of toys and games connects people we are creating an interactive installation that will bring the passion for playing out on the street.
“Train whackers” is an arcade machine that contains a manually controlled game for the young explorers. The aim is to score points by whacking the stones out of the way without hitting barriers. You control the train by using the handles and the stronger u hold them – the faster it goes and by rotating the steering wheel the train makes turns on the tracks.
You win, if u survive 2 min on the tricky road and lose if 3 barriers are hit.
There is a price for those who get through the game – a Train whackers souvenir which u get inside the shop in exchange of a winning ball. (not to read in vo: showing the place where the balls fall through)
Of course, there are instructions before the gameplay but you can skip if already played it.
The installation has 3 stages of work.
The second is triggered once there is a person detected nearby the “Train whackers”. Then it will play a siren sound and release smoke, you know like a real train.
And, of course the one in which a person plays the game and all you have to do for it is press “Start”.
So let’s have some fun and whack some trains!